Fly a Glider

Learning to fly  can be an incredible lifetime experience.  Soar the West offers you an opportunity to experience soaring flight with a clear pathway to earning your FAA license in an unpowered aircraft. The skills you develop controlling the aircraft through all phases of flight, analyzing the effects of wind and weather, and learning the complexities of complying with air traffic control procedures become an integral part of your experience.  With practice, you will learn to fly longer sustained flights, and are then given an opportunity to expand your horizons with an introduction to cross country flying, and more advanced maneuvers.

Your glider piloting skills and flight hours completely transfer should you decide to pursue your next license such as powered flight, commercial rating or even instructor.  Many commercial airline pilots have begun their flying experience in gliders, and often they continue to nurture their joy of aviation by flying in gliders.

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Learning to fly gliders is relatively inexpensive.  Although the FAA mandates the minimum flight hours and sortie requirements to be eligible for a glider license, our instructors make every attempt to maximized the learning experience during each session. All training takes place at Air Sailing Gliderport a well established not-for-profit soaring facility located in north Reno.

Soar the West offers flight training in a modern well maintained two-place glider (ASK-21).  Our fees are $60/hour (one hour minimum) which includes a designated instructor, insurance, and, of course, the aircraft.  Included are all the niceties of flight which may include parachutes, oxygen, cameras and recorders.  Ground instruction is billed at $40/hour.

Tows are provided by the Air Sailing Gliderport  tow planes, and are billed separately.  Tow expense for a typical 3 sortie training scenario would be about $100.  

Glider training is a cost effective way to learn many skills in basic pilotage, airmanship, and a great way for a student pilot to determine if they have the attitude and aptitude to pursue aviation as perhaps a career or simply a lifelong activity. We believe in continuity which reduces the cost of relearning skills, so we strongly recommend that a student make every effort to commit to flying several times a week especially during the summer.  Much of the learning comes from watching others fly, helping out on the flight line where you observe take-offs and landings, and participating in hangar flying while sitting on the porch of our clubhouse listening and talking to others. Soaring is a social sport, and we learn from and help each other.  Air Sailing has a wonderful and dynamic soaring community and a first class facility.